My Experience

How I found homeopathy

I was first introduced to homeopathy in 2001 when the specialist I had been seeing for severe stomach pains said there was nothing more they could do to help; my only option was to take medication before every meal for the rest of my life, there was no cure. The specialist understood that this was not an ideal solution so suggested that I try homeopathy.

Physical, mental and emotional support

Around the same time, I had been searching for someone to help me work through some very difficult emotional issues I was dealing with but had not found the right support. From my first few sessions with my homeopath, I started to understand how the mental, emotional and physical symptoms were all part of the same illness. My homeopath listened carefully to all of my symptoms and I felt relieved to be heard. I remember the first time I felt a major change to my mental health, after a few sessions with my homeopath I realised that the constant chatter in my head had quietened and I had more space to think. It was an amazing experience and realisation.

It was from my first experience in homeopathy, realising there was another way to improve my health and wellbeing that inspired me to train as a homeopath.