About Me

I am passionate about homeopathy and the difference it can make to health and wellbeing.

I believe that we have potential to lead our lives the way we truly feel is right for us. In our non-stop world today it can be hard to take time for ourselves, to stop and listen to what we really need.

We are all unique and have had different life experiences that are part of the reason we think and feel the way we do. While our experiences are part of life and part of our growth, some experiences, including challenging health conditions, can feel as though they hold us back. We can feel stuck and find it difficult to know which way to turn.

I have had a number of these experiences and have personally found complementary therapies, including homeopathy, to be of enormous help. I found that homeopathy improved my mental health and physical wellbeing, enabling me to move forward. This experience inspired me to train as a homeopath, studying for four years and qualifying from the South Downs School of Homeopathy in 2008, and attained my licentiate to practice homeopathy.

I am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and I am bound by their code of ethics and conduct.

If you would like to speak to me to find out if I am the right homeopath for you, please get in touch.